Welcome to FakeRocksDepot.com

Fake Rocks Depot offers one of the largest variety and collection of fake rocks, mock rocks, faux rocks and artificial rocks.  Whatever you may call them, we offer them.

We are one of the top resellers of fake rocks in the greater Toronto area (GTA).  Whether you are looking for a well cover, pool equipment covers, septic cover, irrigation or electrical box cover, consider a fake rock by fakerocksdepot.com.

We offer a complete line of DekoRRA­® Mock Rocks, rock enclosures for your garden and landscaping needs in your yard or business.

Our artificial rock covers look exactly like a real boulder, rock or large stones and work great in all conditions.  From unique landscaping enhancements, retail storefront rocks or to cover up eye sores or equipment, we have you covered.

Secure your Rocks

All of our fake rocks come with ground stakes (spikes) to secure the artificial rocks to the ground.

Weather Resistent

Artificial rocks are UV treated to withstand all day sunshine in the deserts of Arizona, so they will definitely last in Canadian weather.

Lightweight & easy to handle

All our fake rocks are lightweight and easy to carry and maneuver.  Our artificial rocks weigh anywhere between 2 lbs and 30 lbs depending on the sizes.

Fake Rocks to cover all situations

  • Electrical Box cover
  • Irrigation and sprinkler system covers
  • Pool equipment covers
  • Septic & Holding tank covers
  • Well covers
  • Pump covers
  • Landscaping
  • Pond decor